Expert solutions for your unique needs at your door.

Designing, implementing and protecting your new technology demands expertise and time that perhaps your in-house technology professionals simply don’t have. Our Onsite Services Assistance comes right to your door step.

A&A’s technology specialists can help you get the most from your technology by providing expert solutions that meet your unique requirements. We partner with the finest industry-leading service providers to bring right solutions directly to your doors. Let us do the work for you.

Hardware Installation Services: A&A works with premiere technology service providers and vendors to assist you with the onsite installation of your desktops, servers and networking equipment.

Benefits of Hardware Installation services:

  • Solution that meet your needs
  • Continuity with minimal disruption of business operations
  • High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by professional engineers
  • Improved system reliability and performance
  • Quick turnaround to get equipment up and running without diverting internal resources

Standard services include:

  • Unpacking of equipment
  • Connection of power cords and networking cables
  • High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by professional engineers
  • Initial power-on tests to ensure equipment is functioning
  • Installation of various hardware components
  • Integration with existing network and systems

Software Installation Services: This solution can help organizations preparing for software roll-outs; or if you need assistance deploying and configuring software on multiple systems across your company.

Software Installation Service from A&A makes the process as hassle-free as possible for your organization. Services cover installation and configuration of new off-the-shelf software programs including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs.

By leveraging our expertise, you can ensure your organization will get the most out of your software investment by deploying the software licenses you have purchased and configured to optimize the way your organization works.

Asset Disposition: Please give us a call to inquire about this services of ours, in line with our objective of ensuring a clean & green environment for all. At present, the technology products accepted for recycling are: desktops, notebooks, servers, networking equipment and associated peripherals including phone systems, printers, fax machines, and copiers.