We specialize in on-demand solutions.

Have you imagined opening a shipment of computer equipment and unwrapping the “perfect” technology solution that is pre-configured to your exact specifications and ready to plug and play? We pre-install your memory and update your software before your products are shipped out from A&A’s warehouse. A&A’s technical team has the required personnel, resources, and expertise to provide you with technology solutions built to your exact specifications.

That is possible when you rely on A&A’s Configuration Services to help you build an on-demand solution that is right for your business.

A&A’s has designed Configuration Services with you in mind. We offer customized solutions to meet your exact requirements. A&A handles simple installations to highly complex, enterprise configurations and offers every customer:

Right technical expertise: Our technical professionals are highly-trained engineers, having numerous industry certifications and receive ongoing technical training from specific product manufacturers.

Precise quality control: A & A’s quality control process ensures fast and accurate deployment. We also set up configured machines to run with a 24-48 hour diagnostics program – an extra step to ensure that all components work properly during initial operation.

Products and Components: Configured on demand to meet your specifications.

Hardware Configuration and Installation Services:

Basic and complex configurations: Desktops, notebooks, Servers, Printers, Workstations, Routers, Switches, PDAs, Apple systems, Sun Systems, Linux or Unix Systems.

Installations: Memory, Hard drives, DVD/HD/Blue-ray/CD Drives, Network cards, Wireless cards, Video cards, Other peripherals.

Complete Rack Assemblies: Routers and switches, Rack enclosures, Cabling, Management stations, PDUs, KVM (Keyboard video mouse), Blade servers.

Software Configuration and Custom Imaging:

Configure: Network OS, Applications, Complex Systems, CRM, ERP, Financ and business management systems, Utilities, Router software.

Image: Image creation, Deployment, Maintenance, All customized OS and software.

Diagnostic Services:
To test the system’s components, our services perform rigorous test on all components and systems to reduce the risk of an inoperable system upon arrival.