We have partnered with industry leaders in home and office security systems, and home automation / smart home systems to provide custom solutions that meet our clients’ unique requirements. No project is small project. We provide solutions for:

  • Home & Office Security
  • Home Automation / Smart Homes
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems for home & businesses

We have helped many homes, boutique hotels, motels and other small businesses with their security systems such as CCTV surveillance, from designing to implementing and supporting after it goes live.

Some benefits of our solutions:

    Home Automation
  • Save money and go green by turning off unneeded lights/appliances, conserving water, and creating intelligent heating and cooling schedules.
  • Home security and automation solutions can help protect against water leaks, alert you to intruders, and let you monitor and control your smart home from anywhere in the world.
  • User friendly solutions helps our DIY enthusiast consumers to setup their own system in matter of hours.
  • Most solutions have mobile friendly interface and apps that helps you control your system at anytime, at your fingertips.
  • Security

  • Monitor break-ins and intrusions when you are away by monitoring all exit and entry points of your premises.
  • Comply with local security standards for official premises requirements.
  • Secure your assets from illegal access from outside and within.
  • Monitor your staff efficiency and performance.

We design our solutions keeping in mind that technology should adapt to your needs, and not other way around.